Wii Remote Guide


  How to play Error Ware 2 with a Wii Remote on Windows 10


  How to play Error Ware 2 with a Wii Remote on Windows 7


  Tips & Tricks

Error Ware 2 ´s Wii Remote support has been much improved since the first game in the series.

Connecting a Wii Remote is now easy as pie! No need for external software any more*.

Please note that these instructions are for Windows 7.

Wiimote may not work with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher!


All you need is:

  • a Wii Remote
  • a Wii Sensor Bar (wireless) or 2 candles below or on top of your screen
  • a Bluetooth device (most laptops have built in Bluetooth, for desktop PCs you can use a USB-Dongle like these)

Step 1 (Before starting the game!): Turn everything on.

Make sure there are working batteries in your Wii Remote and turn your Sensor Bar / candles on.

If you don´t see the blue Bluetooth symbol in the Windows taskbar, make sure your Bluetooth device is

plugged in correctly and active. You may need to activate it at the system settings.


(*in the first game the Wii Remote had to be connected to a software called GlovePie,

  now it connects directly to the game)!

 Step 2 (Still before starting the game!): Connecting to Windows.

If your Bluetooth connection is now active, click the blue Bluetooth symbol in the Windows taskbar and choose

"Add device". Now Windows is searching for Bluetooth devices (in Windows 10 there is no blue icon, just type in "Bluetoth" in the search bar).


To connect your Wii Remote, press the 1 + 2 Buttons repeatedly. The Wii Remote´s lights should now blink.

(If they don´t, your batteries may be dead and you should change them).


Windows should now find the Wii Remote ( it´s called Nintendo-RVL-CNT-01 or just "input device").

Keep pressing the 1 + 2 buttons, select the Wii Remote in the list and  click "Next".


In Windows 7,  choose "pair without code" and your done!

In Windows 8 and 10, type in any letter, then clear the input field and proceed. Wait a second and hit "Cancel". Now wait for the

loading bar to fill and you´re done! (You can now stop pressing buttons on the Wii Remote, it should continue to blink on it´s own.)


Step 3 : Starting the game

Now you can start Error Ware 2. If you started the game before connecting the Wii Remote to Windows, you may get an Error message.

If that´s the case, just close the game and start it again. You know it´s working if the Wii Remote vibrates during the title sequence.

Now you can play the game with it!

 Tips & Troubleshooting

• The Wii Remote stays connected to the PC even when you close the game.

  It only disconnects if you shut down your PC or manually disconnect it with the blue Bluetooth icon.


• If you played the game and then closed it to do something else, but then want to play again

 while the PC was still running, you don´t have to connect your Wii Remote again,

 just start the game again.

•If you turn off your PC or disconnected the Wii Remote in between gaming sessions

  (the next day for example), you have to do Step 1 - 3 again.


Important: Before connecting the Wii Remote again, please make sure it´s not
listed any more in Windows! Disconnect it manually, and then connect it again.

Otherwise, you may get an Error message when starting the game.

• If you get an Error but don´t want to play with a Wii Remote,
 just disconnect it manually and start the game again.