Frequently asked Questions


When does Error Ware 2 come out already???

When it's done... I hope in my lifetime. I'm the world's slowest developer, sorry.


Will there be another demo / updates before release?



Will there be a Linux / iOS / Android Version?

Only if you know someone who could help me to port it over since I have zero experience on other platforms.


What software do you use?

The programming is done in Game Maker 8.1 with several extensions. For some 3D graphics I use Blender, for 2D stuff Photoshop, Inkscape, Art Academy on WiiU and Spriter to animate. The music is done in FLStudio and Audacity. Trailers,  Cutscenes and other videos are cut in Magix Video Pro, to record gameplay and for livestreaming I use OBS.


Does EW2 run on my machine?

 You can check out the recommended specs here.


How do I play EW2 with a Wii Remote?

 I made a simple guide which you can read and watch here.





If this is Error Ware 2, where can I get

Error Ware 1 ?

You can find it on itch.io, IndieDB or download it directly from the U-GameZ homepage (where you can find all my other previous games as well).

But prepare for Midi music and crappy graphics. But hey, it's free!


I want do do a video / stream of your game. Can you send me a code?

If you ask nicely, sure! You can contact me via Twitter, Youtube or send an email to ugamezgermany [at] gmail [dot] com .

Or just download the free demo!


I want to do an interview! Do you have skype or something?

See above.


I have an idea for a minigame!

Awesome, tell me about it! 


Don't you get in trouble for Abstráctomon? What about the GBA/Wiimote?

I don't think so.


Of course I do not want my game taken down by Nintendo like some other fangames, so I made sure to alter everything enough so that it should be save.


Abstráctomon is just a parody of the Pokémon games and clearly so. Unlike other fan projects that got taken down, I'm not using the original logo, name, graphics, sounds, music or code.


This is not a ROM-hack, I coded it from scratch! 


The Game Boy you are talking about is clearly an ERROR BOY Adventure and I don't think displaying a Wii Remote should be a problem when there are thousands of indie games depicting a XBOX controller.


(That said, I can always make changes if I really have to.)



Will the final game be free?

The demos will stay free, the final game will be around 5 - 10 Euros.


To be honest, I just want to play Abstráctomon!

Maybe I'll release a standalone version of it, then? But let me finish the main game first.


Why GM8.1 ? Why not Game Maker Studio?

This project started when GM Studio was still in a very early stage and since I had plenty experience with GM8 I decided to buy the 8.1 pro version instead.


Now I use many extentions and programming querks that make a simple switch to Studio impossible (trust me, I tried!), so I would have to start from scratch. And since it already took me several years to make this game, I don't think I could do that in this decade.


How many people work at U-GameZ?

Just me, and I don't get paid :(


Will the game be on Steam?

I like less evil sites like itch.io and GameJolt better.


I want to help you with this project!

Wow, thank you so much!


If you could help me with testing, French & English translation, promoting or even porting I would be so happy!


But I appreciate any feedback, reviews and ideas, you can always message me (see left). If you want to donate a bit of money, you can do so here or buy something I made on itch.io, GameJolt and Bandcamp


What's the deal with the character "Gaylien"? Are you saying gay people are like aliens? I'm offended!

 It's just a funny play on words, that's all there is to it. You can call him "Paul" if you want. Who is offended by an cartoon alien's sexuality anyway? Are you Vladimir Putin?


Where do I get the latest updates about you projects?

I post dev updates, screenshots, videos and other news regarding Error Ware 2 and other projects to Twitter and Youtube. You can read my devlogs on itch.io and Gamejolt. 

Sometimes I do livestreams on Twitch.