About Error Ware 2

The Party goes on with the upcoming

sequel to U-GameZ´ "microgame

marathon" Error Ware !


Error Ware 2 will take it to the next

level with more games, more ways to

play and more fun!


...But what kind of game is

this? Be more specific!

The main goal of the game is to compete

with your friends in a large number of

very quick mini game challenges

(or "micro games"). You get only a few

seconds for each challenge, so only those

with quick thinking can score! The game

gets faster and more difficult the longer

you play. Error Ware 2 will be the perfect

game to make fun of your friends at

parties ! If you´re a fan of games like

Nintendo´s Wario Ware or Konami´s

Bishi Bashi you will have a blast!




  • Dozens of crazy, funny or just plain weird micro game challenges !
  • Rhythm-based gameplay with dynamic music !
  • Large variety of original characters: Meet them all in the brand new Story Mode !
  • A multitude of multiplayer modes   (we plan to implement online features!)
  • Tons of stuff to unlock: boss games, modes, music and more!
  • Play with Mouse & Keyboard or use a Gamepad or even a Wii Remote!
  • Choose a language: English, French or Geman text & voices!
  • Many, many improvements over the first game: high resolution graphics, smoother animation, better sound quality, multiple savefiles, individual highscore lists...
...and so much more !



Awesome! When does it come out?!

The game is currently in Alpha status and is expected to be released for Windows in 2017.


To make the wait easier, can try out the latest demo version right

now! Get it here!